Event Dates/location: Starts at 8pm

                                                        April 17th                                                                                           Shady Grove

                                                        May 1st                                                                                               Peter’s Pub

                                                        May 15th                                                                                            James St. Gastropub & Speakeasy

                                                        June 12th                                                                                           Cantina

                                                        June 26th (Finals)                                                                         The Goldmark

 Preliminary Prizes:

1st Place: $250 Cash

Final Round Grand Prizes:

1st Place: $1,000 Cash

2nd Place: $500 Cash

A note from the judges table…

Thank you all for participating in this battle! This is a great chance to represent what DJing is all about and to rep your city! We want to see your personality come out in your DJ set. Now a days we all have access to the same music. How that music is arranged and mixed is what set’s us all apart. Tell a story, get creative, have fun, but most importantly we want to hear clean sets! Keep it clean and you will do well!

You will be judged on a 10 minute set. The judging will be based out of 25 points spread over 3 categories. They are as follows:

  • Mixing Ability (10 points) – Clean mixing should be number 1 priority. Don’t play out of your skill level. Clean transitions. On beat mixing or dropping of tracks. A good flow to your set.

  • Track Selection (10 points) – The foundation of DJing. Play music that is appropriate to your style and the crowd but also try to incorporate tracks besides obvious “bangers”. If you do play a “banger” play it creatively and differently than the next guy.

  • Showmanship/Style (5 points) – Stage presence and crowd reaction fall into this category. How well you can “work the room”. This may be achieved through attire, props, mic work, crowd interaction etc.

Best of luck to you all!

DJ Competition rules and regulations:

  •  DJ’s have 10 minutes to work the crowd into a frenzy and are free to play any style or styles of music they choose.

  • DJ’s are allowed to play on their normal DJ setup but must bring any necessary equipment if the venue cannot already provide it.

  • DJ’s are allowed to use the microphone and/or props.

  • Winners will be chosen by the judge, host, and a crowd vote.  Points will be awarded through creativity, crowd reaction and overall technical skill.

  • There will be 4 semifinal events and one final event.  The first 4 events will feature approximately 6 DJ’s and 2 winners will be picked from these events to move onto the 5th and final event.  The final event will feature approximately 8 DJ’s going head to head for a grand prize.

  • Must be 21 years old to perform or attend the DJ Contest.